Tammy Jones participates in Women Lead, an undergraduate leadership program offered by the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

In an effort to continue mentoring and encouraging growth among young women, Tammy Jones participated in the Women Lead engagement interviews during the spring Women in Business course offered by the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.  The class allows undergraduate students to study and better understand the opportunity that women represent for leadership and positive change that generate returns for firms and increased value in society.  Students who participated in Women Lead were able to talk with actual women business leaders, such as Tammy, and learn how their personal characteristics, interpersonal influence, commitment, goal-setting skills, and power have enabled them to be effective in the workplace.

As one mentee stated:  “One of the biggest take-aways from our meeting is continuing to set high standards and constantly seeking growth and opportunity.  We briefly spoke about entrepreneurship and how it correlated to our personal lives.  Your experience [Tammy] as President of Basis Investment Group gave me insight into owning your own business.  We discussed the importance of the visibility given to minorities which in turn gave me much more courage to jump into my own business.”

In addition she also stated: “Being a woman, embarking upon a career in events specifically rooted in social changes is something many shy away from.  After gaining your insight on the topic of minorities, I am even more motivated to fully immerse myself in growing my movement.”

June 14, 2016