Kunle Shoyombo, Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Shoyombo is Chief Investment Officer of Basis where he oversees investment sourcing, loan origination, investment analysis, and investment management.  Together with the President, Mr. Shoyombo develops and maintains Basis’ investment goals and strategies, capital raising initiatives, asset allocation, employee management and overall leadership.  Mr. Shoyombo has over 24 years of experience in CRE finance, investments, loan origination and underwriting.  Prior to joining Basis, Mr. Shoyombo served as Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for the Capital Markets Lending Division of CW Capital.  He was one of original four senior executives who established CW Capital’s lending platform, which originated, securitized and sold CRE loans totaling in excess of $6 billion.  He served as member of CW Capital’s Investment Committee.  Prior to joining CW Capital, Mr. Shoyombo held a senior position at GMAC Commercial Mortgage where he played an instrumental role within the company’s CRE loan origination and securitization group.  While at GMACCM, Mr. Shoyombo was responsible for sourcing, underwriting and closing loans and investment transactions in excess of $4 billion, and also served as a member of the Investment Committee.  Prior to GMACCM, Mr. Shoyombo held senior positions at Nomura Asset Capital, where he was responsible for originating, structuring, closing and securitizing fixed and floating rate loans in excess of $3 billion; Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles; and Kenneth Michael and Company.  Mr. Shoyombo earned an MBA in Finance with Honors from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

Contact Kunle at (212) 842-5713 or at kshoyombo@basisinvgroup.com.