Leigh Roumila, Managing Director

Ms. Roumila is head of Basis’ securitization and asset management teams. Prior to joining Basis, Ms. Roumila spent 3 years as Senior Vice President at CWCapital, where she helped establish the Cobalt brand, CW’s first proprietary platform for issuing fixed-rate commercial mortgage backed securities and oversaw the firm’s issuance of approximately $6 billion in CMBS and commercial real estate CDO securities. Prior to CW, Ms. Roumila served as Vice President of Securitization at GMAC Commercial Mortgage  (now Capmark Financial Group), where she worked on 20+ CMBS and CDO pools representing over $12 billion in fixed and floating rate U.S., Canadian and European commercial real estate loans. Prior to her five years at GMACCM, Ms. Roumila held positions at Bank of America, Triquest Financial Services Corporation, US West Financial Services, Hibernia Bank and Societe Generale French Bank where she helped originate, underwrite, and close over $1 billion in U.S. commercial real estate loans. Ms. Roumila also spent nine months as a Senior Project Manager at Habitat for Humanity in New York City, where she was in charge of multi-family acquisitions and Neighborhood Stabilization Program federal grant compliance. Ms. Roumila has previously held a California real estate broker’s license, received a B.S. in Business Administration from NYU Stern and an MBA in International Finance from Golden Gate University.

Contact Leigh at (212) 915-0694 or at lroumila@basisinvgroup.com.